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There have been persons, Associations and Companies who brought innovations in medical devices. They have dedicated their whole life and their job to increase social awareness and scientific knowledge in Ostomy Care. Even Oxthon Team has contributed to write this story: since we acquired our experience in the last 25 years, we are now able to completely satisfy patients’ requirements and correctly relate with Health Operators and Institutions. At first, we had started with basic Hydrocolloid plates promotion; then the first “One-Piece pouch” with full-protection system was launched; innovative devices equipped with an adhesive made up of Polyurethane film has come the most comfortable system in the market.

Starting with these assumptions, we can asset that Oxthon is ready to supply products, solutions and services able to improve the Quality Life of Ostomy patients. From the very beginning our Mission was and remains those of looking for a continuous improvement of Quality Life and to develop better products for Healthcare Assistants.
Nowadays, the range has been enlarged to: biopsy needles, catheters, surgical and incontinence solutions and products for spinal disorders.

The task is demanding, but we will do all the best to make it well, because conscious of not being alone: patients, Healthcare Assistants, nurses, Doctors and Organisations who cooperate in this area, are our guide in this process.


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